Careers In Restaurants

Everybody has been to a restaurant, but have you thought about a restaurant career?

What Is a Restaurant?

A restaurant can be anything from a small fast food establishment or family run café, to a huge establishment seating hundreds and serving thousands of meals daily. A meal in a restaurant, cafeteria or snack bar may be a daily occurrence, especially if you work and don't have time to pack a lunch, or it can be an occasional thing, something kept for a special occasion. In general, the most popular days for dining out are Friday and Saturday, although Sunday breakfast, brunch or evening meals are also popular. It's enjoyable to celebrate a birthday, wedding or anniversary at a good restaurant, one that you normally wouldn't be able to afford. And of course, it is possible to spend hundreds of pounds on a meal, especially in some of the UK's top restaurants, many of which can be found in London, the Lakes and the Cotswolds.

UK cookery schools

When it comes to cookery schools uk residents have plenty to choose from, including some that are run by the most famous names in cooking. cookery schools vary in the length of time required for attendance - anything from one evening to several months - as well as in their cost. You can expect to pay about £28,000 for the nine month Grand Diplome course at the prestigious Cordon Bleu school in London. Different cooking schools also focus on different types of cuisine, and have different approaches to what they teach. Other things to consider are the flexibility of the class schedule, opportunities for job placement, the ratio of teacher to students, and of course, the school's overall reputation and success rate for its graduates. You can potentially spend a lot of money on attending a UK cookery school, so it definitely pays to do some research before deciding.

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A career In a Restaurant

Think of restaurant jobs and you probably think of cooking and if that appeals to you, attending cookery school may be on your to do list. Although there is no firmly established career path towards becoming a cook or a chef, completing a relevant college course is desirable, and of course, spending as much time in the kitchen as possible. Many cooks start out in fast food restaurants portioning or preparing food, which isn't quite as demanding as cooking, and then work their way up from there. And of course, there are plenty of other restaurant career options available, even if you don't consider yourself a skilled cook. Restaurants need waiters and waitresses, or servers as they are sometime known, as well as dishwashers and people to clear away the dirty dishes and glasses from the table. If you are well organized, have a head for figures and enjoy working with people, restaurant management is a challenging and well paid career. As manager, you are responsible for just about everything, from the menu choices, to paying the bills, hiring staff and dealing with customers' complaints.